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About Smilkee Lite Luminaries
Adishwar Sales Corporation – ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, an eminent name in the manufacturing and supply of lighting products, proudly presents Smilkee Lite Luminaries, a wide range of quality Road lights, Consumer lights and LED lights designed to match the requirements of our various clients pan India.

Best in class:
We stand by our motto to provide quality products. Our mission is to provide energy efficient lighting systems to various industries. Our expert and highly skilled quality control personnel monitor the manufacturing process thoroughly, leaving no room for even a single margin of error.

Cost to customers:
Who says quality comes at a cost? We at Smilkee Lite Luminaries continuously innovate to come up with new ways to reduce cost to the customers. The R&D team continuously researches with raw materials ensuring value for your money without compromising on quality.

Smilkee Lite Luminaries understands that every client has different needs. Our wide range of products is built to handle such demands. Our expert design team works in close collaboration with our clients and their architects/designers, thereby combining creativity with practicality ensuring the client’s lighting solution is both sustainable and easy to manage.

We at Smilkee Lite Luminaries are committed to the cause of a cleaner & greener Earth.
In our continuous quest for alternatives to conventional sources of lighting, our newest offering is based on LEDs… a revolutionary step forward in lighting technology. These world-class LEDs have multiple applications and are suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use and are unlike any lighting systems you have ever seen or used! They brighten up your homes even as their energy efficient, eco-friendly technology cuts down harmful emissions.
We at Smilkee Lite Luminaries – Innovate and Illuminate. Join us in our effort to make this world a brighter place to live in.

Team Smilkee Lite Luminaries.